How To Buy Web Hosting With A Free Domain Name For Your WordPress Blog

Choose the right website name (domain) and hosting

Before you choose a domain name, you’ll need be sure of the niche you’d like to concentrate on. Selecting a niche area to focus on, is an important task in and of itself.

To create a revenue-generating website it is critical that you research the target keyword pool and the niche it is derived from.

For the time being, just make sure it is something you like and are genuinely passionate about. And ensure that you have reasonable expertise in the subject matter involved.

You can literally register any available (not registered yet) domain name but here is something I recommend:

Business website – If you are making a website for your business it would be best to choose a domain name that is your company name or brand. An example domain name would be or

Personal website – If it is going to be your personal website it would be great to go with com

Hobby website – The sky’s the limit

Most popular domain names extensions; are .com, .org, .net.

A domain name is like your online address. This is where your blog/website lives.

You will get one free domain name with Bluehost, or you can use any of your existing domain names if you already have one purchased. (Even if you don’t need the free domain name now, you can use it later.)

Getting the right domain name is crucial. A few things you need to keep in mind while considering domain name choices.

Short – Shorter names work better when it comes to remembrance and are easy to type as well.

Brandable – Remember your domain also runs to your brand, make sure it isn’t memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Memorable – People forget easily, come up with a name that first time visitors to your site are likely to remember.

Catchy – You want a domain name that rolls off the tongue and describes what you do.
Easy to type.
Includes keyword (optional) – Identify the right keywords or combination of keywords. The closer your domain name is to your site’s niche, the better for search engine optimization (SEO).

The step-by-step guide to buying a web hosting plan:

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To begin, head over to Bluehost homepage and click on “get started now”.

Why You Should Get a BlueHost WebHosting For Your Business

Choose the right hosting page. I’d suggest the Basic Package. It offers plenty of speed, performance, functionality, and storage for your first website. You can upgrade your hosting plan as your website grows.

You will be prompted to choose a domain name as you can see in the example below or you can use any of your existing domain names. Double check your domain name to avoid mistakes.

Remember that you can use your free domain name later if you don’t need it now.

You can also claim your free domain at a later point. Just email Bluehost’s customer service team and they’ll help you out.

If you are using an existing domain name, you need to change the nameservers at your domain registrar to:

And on the next screens, enter your personal information and credit card details. And complete payment.

This part is crucial, and you should pay extra attention here to make sure that you are not overcharged for add-ons that you do not need.

Choose your hosting package for either 12, 24 or 36-month term.  You will notice that the price decreases as the tenure increases.

Be sure to deselect the options “Site Backup Pro” and “Sitelock Security” as you don’t really need them.

But if you want any of them leave the boxes check.

Before you make your payment, I suggest that you scroll up and verify all of the information once again.

By default, you will see the option to make payment via credit card only, but if you want to make payment via PayPal, click on “more payment options” and it will reveal the pay by PayPal option as well.

Finally, accept the terms and conditions and click on submit.

On the next page, you will see a confirmation of your hosting package purchase.

Click on “Set password"

On the next page, you choose your password. Copy and paste the password in a safe place.

Click on “Next”.

Congratulations you have successfully set your password now click on the login Button as shown below to start installing Wordpress it will only take a few seconds.

Check your email inbox, and you will find a confirmation email with all of the login information for your web hosting account. The only thing that will not be included in the email is the password you created in the last step — this is for your security.

On the next page, you will be shown a few different themes you can use for your WordPress Blog.

All done! now click on the Start building button to log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

You will now be inside of your Bluehost Dashboard which is optimized for WordPress.


You have just purchased your web hosting package and domain name.

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