Run Dual Whatsapp Account On Single Android Device 2017

Whatsapp is the most commonly used and a popular messenger app for smartphones. Whatsapp messenger lets you text for free with other users of the app, regardless of platform. Neat customization tools, group chat features, and easy location adding are all cool additions. Whatsapp latest update is voice calling option and it's free for calling. Right now you can call without paying through the whatsapp to your friends, family and love ones. An interesting feature of whatsapp is group chatting, where a group of people can share text messages. When one person in the group sends a message, everyone else in it receives it. Other features include the ability to email an entire chat conversation to contacts, the ability to have message pop up boxes, and emoticons. One feature worth noting here is the ability to take photos and record videos using your smartphone.

Due to some reasons we want to have more than one whatsapp accounts on our android smartphone but whatsapp doesn't permit dual account on the same device. Maybe we are running a business we would want one account for business and the other account for our personal use and because of these reasons we want multiple whatsapp accounts. In today's tutorial,we would talk about a simple tips to get dual whatsapp accounts running on our android smartphone.

First Method - Using WhatsMapp Solo App.

WhatsMapp solo is an awesome and a great app. Using this app we can easily create another whatsapp account on the single android device, how cool is that. It provides custom icons, Status bar color changing in Lollipop version. This app is really amazing and you've got to try it out.

1. Download and install the app into your android smartphone. You can click here to download it or search on google and download it yourself.

2. Open WhatsMapp solo application now and Sign Up with second number on it which you want to use for dual Whatsapp accounts. Follow the same steps as you follow to create the whatsapp account.

Second Method - Disa App

Disa is basically a messenger which we can use to run multiple whatsapp accounts in a single android smartphone. So, let’s move on to the procedure of Disa app now.

1. First, download and install the Disa app.

2. Once, the Disa app is installed, click on open button now.
3. Click on + icon and Select Whatsapp.
4. Enter your second number now and verify it using  call or message verification method. Don’t use the same number you used to create the whatsapp account.


If you have any suggestions, you can leave your comments below.
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