Must Know Commands In Command Prompt

The command prompt (CMD) is very powerful windows tool for executing command without the graphical user interface. A lot of tasks can be performed by the CMD. These awesome commands are hidden by windows operating system. We can do many tasks in an easy way with the help of the command prompt and all that we need to do is to know about these commands in order to use them.If you do not know about these command then this article is for you. Now let us look at some of them.

1. whoami: whoami shows your pc name and username, for instance:

2. Systeminfo: Systeminfo collects information about your computer and shows the status of various
information about your computer.

4. tasklist: Tasklist command lists every program running on your computer. It is usefull because it
shows hidden programs or virus running on your computer.

dir: Displays a list of a folder's files and subfolders.

diskpart: Disk management shell. A suite of various commands.

driverquery: Displays a list of all installed device drivers and their properties.

Hope you enjoy. Watch out for more.
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