How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages,Photos And Videos

We sometimes unintentionally delete relevant facebook messages, photoes or videos that we may later need. Unfortunately once we do this, we cannot recover these important stuff back but there is good news, facebook has an important feature that enables us to get our deleted messages, photos and videos back. In today's article we explain how to recover these important stuff. Now let get back to business, follow the steps below to access your deleted messages, photos, videos and all other important files.

1. First click here to get to your general account settings.
2. Locate and click on the Download a Copy of your Facebook Data as shown below.

3.Click on the start my archive on the next page as shown below.

4. Enter your facebook password and click on the submit button.
5.Check your email in a few minutes. You will see an email from facebook containing a link, click on the link to download it.
6. After downloading the file unzip it and open the folder, the Files will be in .html format so you will have to double click on the file and select your favourite browser to open the file.
 Hope you enjoy the tutorial.
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