How To Reduce Internet Data Usage On PC

This article explains some ways you can use to reduced internet data usage on your PC. Some people are always looking for ways to reduce internet data usage on their PCs especially when they are on a limited data. Also reducing internet data usage helps to increase your browsing speeds experience as
well as downloading speeds on your PC. In order to achieve this process, this article explains two ways that will help you get started.

Chrome Data Saver

There is an extension for Google Chrome users known as data Saver. I will advice that those who don't have the Google Chrome browser can get it here. You will notice a tremendous reduction in internet data usage when you install this extension on your Google Chrome  browser. It also increases your browsing speeds.
>> Go to Google chrome web store to install the data saver extension.

Disable All Auto Updates

One of the main reasons of high Internet usage on our PC is automatic updating of softwares as well as Windows in the background. Update freezer is software that enables you to disable automatic update of softwares and windows running in the background.
> Search and download update freezer on Google.

> Now launch the application and select any program your want to disable.
hope you enjoy the tutorial 
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