How To Watch YouTube Videos Offline On Smartphones

YouTube is a brilliant platform for people to get access to a huge amount of resources. Whether you want to listen to songs, to watch funny videos or to find useful tutorials, it is always the first choice in my opinion. However, as we all know, watching videos on YouTube requires internet connection. That’s why some people wonder if there are ways to enjoy the videos when there is no internet connection available. The good news is that google has introduced a new feature in YouTube that allows you to save and watch YouTube videos offline and is available on android and IOS devices. The feature allows YouTube users to enjoy their favorite videos when there is no usable network connection. This feature also enables YouTube users to save money on their daily, weekly or monthly data bundles.

1. First make sure the Youtube app on your android or IOS device is updated. You can check this by going to your google play store or app store
(alternatively you can re-install the app).

2. Launch the YouTube app and go the setting to see if the offline viewing feature has been added, once added search for any video you want to save and watch later.

3. Click on the offline viewing icon below the video and select any format you want for your video, wait for the video to save.

4.Once saved, disconnect your wifi or data connection to see if is working correctly. Now launch back to your YouTube app and click on the Go offline feature. You will now see your saved video, click on it and enjoy.

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