How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive

We all in one way or other being a situations were  we get our files or data corrupted, damaged or hidden by virus. Virus is a malicious software that can be replicated within other program.We store valuable or very relevant files or data on pendrives or external storage devices, but sometimes when we try to access or retrieve these files back they get corrupted and can't get them back although we can still see the shortcut of the files. We wonder why we can still see the shortcut of the files but can't have access to them. We get frustrated with these stuff and the only option is to format the drive  and when we do it, we lose all the valuable files we have on the drive. Today's article is going to help you get your files back, if you have fallen victim to this virus. Now lets get into business.

Using Command Prompt

We will be using command prompt for this tutorial.
1. Plug in your USB drive to start the process. Click on the start menu search for the Run and then type cmd and hit enter. Or alternatively, you can use windows shortcut key below to run 
the command prompt: [windows + R].

2. Simply copy and paste the command into your Command Prompt and hit enter:
ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D F:*.*

Now let explain the meaning of the command:
F - represents  the letter  of your drive, make sure to replace the letter F with your USB drive letter. 

H - shows the all hidden files in our USB drive.

R - recreate the files on our storage device.

S - broken the link of files from system.

ATTRIB - represents the attributes of the drive.

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