How To Make Bootable USB Pendrive For Windows 7, 8 & 10

Installing windows by using USB pendrive is the best approach unlike CD or DVD that easily gets corrupt after a few installation. The most amazing and fascinating about the USB pendrive is that, we can erase it whenever we want and more reliable and faster than disk drives. This article explains how you can make USB pendrive bootable for installing Windows on your laptops or desktops. This article explains into details with pictures how to go about this.

Using WinToFlash to Make USB Pendrive Bootable For Windows

WinToFlash is one of the best tool for making USB pendrive bootable because it provides support for various file types of windows.
1. Click here to download and install WinToFlash.
2.Launch the WinToFlash program and click on the direction of the arrow as shown below.

2.Insert your USB pendrive and click on the next button to continue

3.Select the source of your windows files, if it's in extracted form select the first option or second option if it's in ISO form and then click next to continue as shown below.

4. Select and locate the path of your windows files as shown below.

5. After locating the files, clik on the next button as shown below

6.Accept the license agreement and click on the continue button and wait for the setup to complete.

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