Basic Tips On How To Prevent Facebook Account From Being Hacked

You may sometime lose control over your facebook account or get hacked and if not lucky enough you may completely lose access to your account. You may have been a victim of this attack by hackers or other malicious software that may cause damage to your account. Fortunately you can always prevent this from happening.In this article, we will be discussing some basic tips or actions to take to prevent your facebook account from being hacked.

1. Granting apps permission: You will notice that whenever you want to install facebook game or apps, you will be taken immediately to a screen showing you what the application needs before you will be allow to install this game or apps. this permission may include almost everything or even full access to your facebook account even if you are not conected. To prevent this from happening you must always take your time to fully read the details of what the permission required before granting the access.

2. Beware of spam video links: Be very carefully of videos you see on facebook, some of these videos are spam. These spam video links when clicks redirect you and take control of your facebook account. Some of these lead to facbook likes, comments and other stuff you are not even aware of.

3. Message From Facebook: Sometime you even receive messages that look as if they are sent from facebook, actually these messages are not from facebook but rather they are cookies which when click steal important information and eventually loosing your account. Always cross-check and protect yourself.

Precautions To Take To Protect Your Yourself

1. Add your phone number: Add your number and Change its privacy to Only me, so that even if there is a problem you can easily recover your facebook account.

2.Add Security Question: Adding security question adds extra protection to your account.

2.Add People as Friends that you know personally. sometime when get blocked by facebook, they may asks you to identify photo of a friends in which they are tagged in.When you add people that you don't know this becomes an issue.

4.Turn on Notification: Turning on notification, enables facebook to immediately notify you when someone or even yourself login to your account.

5.Change your Password Frequently: Changing your password frequently prevent your facbook account from being hacked.

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