How To Protect USB Pendrive With Password

Protecting or securing your USB pendrive with password is very important way of keeping others or your friends from accessing your private documents or files. Protecting your USB drive with password also secures your files when your drive gets missing or stolen. This article explains the easiest way of securing your USB pendrive with password.

BitLock Encryption

Bitlock Encryption is provided by Windows to secure USB drives. This encryption is done manually without installing any software. You will be prompted to enter a password each time you insert the pendrive into a computer before you can access your files.

1. Insert your USB pendrive into a computer.
2.Right click on the inserted USB drive you want to Encrypt.

3.Locate and click on "Turn on Bitlocker" from the menu as shown below.

4. Tick the check box to choose “use a password to unlock the drive” as shown below.

5. Choose an appropriate password that you can remember and click on the next button to continue.
6. Now choose where to keep your recovery key in case you forgot your password.

7. After saving your recovery key, click on next button to choose any of the options you like and click on the next button to continue.

8.Click on the start encrypting button to start the encryption.

9.After the encryption click on close button.
hope you enjoy the tutorial.
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