How To Increase Pendrive Speed

Pendrive serves as data storage device and for transferring data files from a computer. But in some situations due to OS error or due to some virus programs, data or files transfer speed on our USB pendrive  get limited. This article explains how to increase the speed of your USB pendrive for a faster data transfer.

Change The File System Of Pendrive

Changing the file system of your pendrive is very important because FAT32 can not handle huge amount of data.
1. Insert your pendrive into your computer.
2. Right click on your pendrive and choose format option from the menu as shown below.

3. Select the NTFS file system from the drop down menu and unchecked the Quick format.

4. Click on start button

Now your file system is being changed and you will enjoy much greater data transfer speed.
NB:Make sure you backup your important data files before formatting your pendrive.

Change the Device Policy

1. Insert your pendrive and right click on it.
2. Select the properties option from the drop down menu as shown below.

3. Select the hardware tab and a list of drives are shown in the hardware tab.

5. Locate and select your drive and click on properties button as shown below.

5.Click on the change settings as shown below.

6. Select the policies tab, select again the better performance radio button and  click on the ok button as shown below. 

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