Shut Down Computer With Commands

The command prompt(CMD) is very powerful windows tool for executing command without the graphical user interface. A lot of tasks can be performed by the CMD. These awesome commands are hidden by windows operating system. We can do many tasks in an easy way with the help of the command prompt and all that we need to do is to know about these commands in order to use them.If you do not know about these command already then this article is for you. Using the command prompt to either shutdown or restart your PC i think is the best and efficient way. Now let us look at how this can be done the easy and simple way.

1. Shut Down Computer With Commands:
One of the best tricks and hacks is using command prompt to shut down your PC. Using the command prompt is efficient and recommended way of Shutting down your PC.To open command prompt, you can use windows shortcut: Just hit windows + r  on your keyboard, dialog box will appear type cmd in the dialog box and hit ok as shown below:

For shut down
 shutdown -s or shutdown /s

For restarting 
 shutdown -r or shutdown /r

For for hibernation
 shutdown -h or shutdown /h

For log off
 shutdown -l or shutdown /l

You can also abort the shutdown by typing the following command.
 shutdown -a or shutdown /a

3.Shutdown Computer In specified Time
If you want to shut down your computer after two minutes, you can type the following command.
 shutdown -s-t 120
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