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How To Remotely Control PC From Android Phone And Vice Versa

Controlling your PC with android device can be very amazing and awesome idea. Have you ever wondered if this idea of controlling your PC with android phone or controlling your android device with PC possible. Yes it is really possible and there are numerous apps that will help you achieve this. There are times though when you feel like you want more control over your mobile device, all from your computer. There are apps to help you transfer control from Android device to computer, letting you make changes to your phone straight from your PC and vice versa. In this article, i will be showing you one of apps that will enable you to control your PC from Android Phone and vice versa. Let's get started.
Remotely Control Your PC From Android Phone And Vice Versa Using Team Viewer 1. First download Team Viewer on the computer that you want to access remotely. Click here to download Team Viewer for Windows
2. Now, double click and install the program you downloaded on your PC. Select bas…

Automatically Invite All Friends to Like Facebook Page Or Events With Just One Click

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platform. If you have ever created a Facebook page or an event and want to invite your friends to like your page or want to invite them to an event, and you can agree with me that it can be very difficult to invite or to select all of them one by one. Fortunately, there’s a new way to automatically and easily invite almost all of your friends in a single click. I am sure you are completely tired of that clicking on invite button again and again. Although Facebook doesn't allow you to invite all your friends at once, google chrome extension is available which will allow you to do this. We just need to install the google chrome extension to invite almost all friends to like Facebook page. Which you can also use to invite all friends to Facebook event which you have created. In this article, i have a few tricks which will enable you select or invite all your friends at one go, and this is a huge time saver when you have a huge nu…

Check Whether Your Flash drive Or Memory Card Is Original Or Fake

Some of you might have fallen victim to buying fake flash drives or memory cards without realizing it. Actually, this happened to a couple of my friends. One of them bought a flash drive or pendrive and after using it for a week, the 16GB flash drive has changed to 0byte. And the other who bought a flash drive which claimed to be 8GB and after reaching home, he realized that the 8GB flash drive which he bought has turned into 0byte. This can be very annoying especially when you needed to do something urgently with the flash drive. In this tutorial, we will be using an amazing and a safe software to test whether your flash drive is fake or original. This software is called H2testw. H2testw is a simple and easy to use program designed to enable you to test USB flash drives for various kinds of errors. It can also be used for any other storage media like memory cards, internal and external hard drives. Now, let's get started and see how the process is carried out.

1. Search on googl…

Know The Gender Of Your Computer

Computers play vital role in our daily lives including personal use and business related works and have you ever thought of what the gender of your computer might be. what is the gender of your computer if i may ask? Is it male or female, that really sounds funny. well, if you don't know the gender of your computer by the end of this tutorial, you are going to know whether your computer is a male or female. In this tutorial, we have an amazing and a safe trick for you that would enable you to know the gender of your computer. Now, follow the instructions below to get started.

1. Open a notepad and if you don’t know where it is, search for it in a search box or alternatively use the windows shortcut: [Win + R] and type notepad and hit enter on your keyboard as shown below.

2. Type CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"I want to know your voice" and it might not work if you copy and paste, so please type.

3. Next save it as a .VBS file. Example: gender.vbs
4. After…

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive

We all in one way or other being a situations were  we get our files or data corrupted, damaged or hidden by virus. Virus is a malicious software that can be replicated within other program.We store valuable or very relevant files or data on pendrives or external storage devices, but sometimes when we try to access or retrieve these files back they get corrupted and can't get them back although we can still see the shortcut of the files. We wonder why we can still see the shortcut of the files but can't have access to them. We get frustrated with these stuff and the only option is to format the drive  and when we do it, we lose all the valuable files we have on the drive. Today's article is going to help you get your files back, if you have fallen victim to this virus. Now lets get into business.
Using Command Prompt We will be using command prompt for this tutorial. 1. Plug in your USB drive to start the process. Click on the start menu search for the Run and then type c…

How To Make Your PC, Laptop Run Faster Without Any Software

Sometimes we get frustrated by the way our PCs behave. These frustrations may be as a result multitasking thus running multiple programs or other activities may freeze or slow down the system.
These issues can be resolved by simply applying simple tricks without spending a penny on any expensive software. Getting stacked without any response from your PC can be very disheartening. We will be discussing some basic techniques and safe tricks to make your PC run faster. Follow the tips below to get started.
Run a Disk Cleanup Running a Disk Cleanup saves your disk space by removing and deleting temporary files, unnecessary system files, and emptying your recycling bin. 
1. Navigate to your disk that you want clean up and right-click and click on the properties.

2. Next click on the disk clean up as shown below.

3. Next check all the files you want to delete and click on the ok button as shown below.

Remove Unwanted Programs from Your Computer These unwanted software or programs slow dow…

How To Increase Internet Download Speed

We sometimes get bored by our download speeds, especially when the size of the file we are downloading is very huge. We always wonder if there is a way  to speed it up a bit. Well, there are always ways to do things no matter how complicated it seems to be. In this article we are going to cover some ways to  optimize your download speed. Now, jut follow the simple tricks below.

 Internet download manager 
 This software is very useful in speeding up your internet download. The software come with 30 days free trial version after that you can purchase it or use the backdoor to get it. When you install it integrates extension into you browser by default. Browse your favorite files you want to download and click  on it and it will automatically launch the download manager. In case of video or music, the download manager button will automatically appear.  You can  download internet download manager here
 Download your movies, music videos etc faster with ease

You can also do the same with…

How To Make Bootable USB Pendrive For Windows 7, 8 & 10

Installing windows by using USB pendrive is the best approach unlike CD or DVD that easily gets corrupt after a few installation. The most amazing and fascinating about the USB pendrive is that, we can erase it whenever we want and more reliable and faster than disk drives. This article explains how you can make USB pendrive bootable for installing Windows on your laptops or desktops. This article explains into details with pictures how to go about this.
Using WinToFlash to Make USB Pendrive Bootable For Windows WinToFlash is one of the best tool for making USB pendrive bootable because it provides support for various file types of windows. 1. Click here to download and install WinToFlash. 2.Launch the WinToFlash program and click on the direction of the arrow as shown below.

2.Insert your USB pendrive and click on the next button to continue

3.Select the source of your windows files, if it's in extracted form select the first option or second option if it's in ISO form and t…

How To Reduce Internet Data Usage On PC

This article explains some ways you can use to reduced internet data usage on your PC. Some people are always looking for ways to reduce internet data usage on their PCs especially when they are on a limited data. Also reducing internet data usage helps to increase your browsing speeds experience as
well as downloading speeds on your PC. In order to achieve this process, this article explains two ways that will help you get started.
Chrome Data Saver There is an extension for Google Chrome users known as data Saver. I will advice that those who don't have the Google Chrome browser can get it here. You will notice a tremendous reduction in internet data usage when you install this extension on your Google Chrome  browser. It also increases your browsing speeds.
>> Go to Google chrome web store to install the data saver extension.

Disable All Auto Updates One of the main reasons of high Internet usage on our PC is automatic updating of softwares as well as Windows in the bac…