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How To Protect USB Pendrive With Password

Protecting or securing your USB pendrive with password is very important way of keeping others or your friends from accessing your private documents or files. Protecting your USB drive with password also secures your files when your drive gets missing or stolen. This article explains the easiest way of securing your USB pendrive with password.
BitLock Encryption Bitlock Encryption is provided by Windows to secure USB drives. This encryption is done manually without installing any software. You will be prompted to enter a password each time you insert the pendrive into a computer before you can access your files.
1. Insert your USB pendrive into a computer. 2.Right click on the inserted USB drive you want to Encrypt.

3.Locate and click on "Turn on Bitlocker" from the menu as shown below.

4. Tick the check box to choose “use a password to unlock the drive” as shown below.

5. Choose an appropriate password that you can remember and click on the next button to continue. 6. Now …

How To Increase Pendrive Speed

Pendrive serves as data storage device and for transferring data files from a computer. But in some situations due to OS error or due to some virus programs, data or files transfer speed on our USB pendrive  get limited. This article explains how to increase the speed of your USB pendrive for a faster data transfer.
Change The File System Of Pendrive Changing the file system of your pendrive is very important because FAT32 can not handle huge amount of data. 1. Insert your pendrive into your computer. 2. Right click on your pendrive and choose format option from the menu as shown below.

3. Select the NTFS file system from the drop down menu and unchecked the Quick format.

4. Click on start button

Now your file system is being changed and you will enjoy much greater data transfer speed. NB:Make sure you backup your important data files before formatting your pendrive.
Change the Device Policy 1. Insert your pendrive and right click on it. 2. Select the properties option from the drop …

How To Reduce Internet Data Usage On PC

This article explains some ways you can use to reduced internet data usage on your PC. Some people are always looking for ways to reduce internet data usage on their PCs especially when they are on a limited data. Also reducing internet data usage helps to increase your browsing speeds experience as
well as downloading speeds on your PC. In order to achieve this process, this article explains two ways that will help you get started.
Chrome Data Saver There is an extension for Google Chrome users known as data Saver. I will advice that those who don't have the Google Chrome browser can get it here. You will notice a tremendous reduction in internet data usage when you install this extension on your Google Chrome  browser. It also increases your browsing speeds.
>> Go to Google chrome web store to install the data saver extension.

Disable All Auto Updates One of the main reasons of high Internet usage on our PC is automatic updating of softwares as well as Windows in the bac…

How To Clear Cache In Firefox And Chrome

Browsers store website data for fast and quick loading of webpages but sometime get too slow due to too much data stored. Cache helps to speedup browsing experience but slows down the browser, in other to prevent this there is a need to clear this cache to make your browser faster then before. This article will help you go through step by step quides on how to clear or delete this cache from your Firefox and Chrome browsers respectively.
How To Clear Cache In Firefox 1.Launch the firefox browser 2.Click on the menu button on the top right corner as shown below.

3.Select the history option. 4. click on the clear now button to clear everything or you can select the time period of what you wanted to clear as shown below.

How To Clear Cache In Chrome  1.Launch the chrome browser 2.Click on customize and control google chrome button on the top right corner as shown below.

3.Select the history option or alternatively use Ctrl + H  4. click on the clear browsing data button to clear everythin…

How To Run Android Apps On Windows PC

Android is an open source software, where manufacturers or developers can modify the operating system to suit their respective needs. Android devices are the most used in the world. Android operating system is mostly used in smartphones and tablets. Because of its simplicity and popularity, there are tons of android apps available on the google play store. Because of these amazing and awesome apps, people look for ways to install them on their windows operating systems. In this article, we will look at two ways to install or run android apps on windows. To do this we need to first download and install an app on our windows operating system to be able to run the android apps on our PC. In today's article we explore two ways to do this. Feel free to use any of the methods you think is simple and easy below. This really works just like any of your android smartphone or tablet. Now let's get started.

First method 1. Click here to download Remix OS player. This is an app player tha…