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How To Completely Hide a File or Folder With CMD Command

Command prompt is very important windows application that enables you to issue or execute entered commands.Using command prompt can be very amazing and awesome. There are a lot of interesting things we can do with command prompt, one of them is "How To Completely Hide a File or Folder With CMD" and this is what we are going to look at in today's article. Especially in schools where you  don't want your friends to have access to some specific documents or files on your PC. we all have several reasons of wanting to hide our files or folders from others. Hiding your file or folder is very important because it prevents others from accessing it for a privacy reasons. We can easily do this without spending a penny on any software by simply using a command prompt. Now let get started.

1.Open your command prompt or if you don't know how you can use the windows shortcut: Hit
Windows + R on your keyboard and a dialog box will appear, type cmd and hit ok as shown below: