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Best Programming Apps For Android 2018

Google play store provides us with a tons of apps that we can program with on our android devices. Programming on android devices may not be as smooth considering the size of the screen as compare to programming on our laptops or desktops. But the apps that are listed below provide amazing and unique interface to the user and makes it easier and simple for the user to code. Programming on your android device can really be fun since these apps come with tutorials and makes it exciting to learn and code at the same time. The listed apps provide complete integrated development environment for your Android device with interactive programming lessons. The apps provide you with great and unique editor where you can code and at the same time provide you with a great programming lessons with step-by-step instructions. Build or develop your own websites, android apps or any applications using any programming language of you choice, being it Java or C++ right from your android device. Below ar…

Android Secret Codes 2018(Unlock hidden Features Of Your Smartphone)

Android is an open source operating system developed by Google which comes with software development kit (SDK), which provides essential tools and Application. Android operating system are the most widely used smartphones in the world.  Android developers create various gateway within the operating system and application. The gateway within the application can only be access using a secret codes or a user with sufficient knowledge. Secret codes are used for a easy access into system or to unlock the hidden features of your android smartphones. Today we look at some of the android secret codes if not all of them to access these hidden applications. Please note that some of these codes may not work in some of your android devices. Please also be careful when playing with some of the codes and know what you want to do before trying them. Below are the secret codes and their functions.

CodesFunctions *2767*3855#                                            1.  Reinstall the phones firmware.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive

We all in one way or other being a situations were  we get our files or data corrupted, damaged or hidden by virus. Virus is a malicious software that can be replicated within other program.We store valuable or very relevant files or data on pendrives or external storage devices, but sometimes when we try to access or retrieve these files back they get corrupted and can't get them back although we can still see the shortcut of the files. We wonder why we can still see the shortcut of the files but can't have access to them. We get frustrated with these stuff and the only option is to format the drive  and when we do it, we lose all the valuable files we have on the drive. Today's article is going to help you get your files back, if you have fallen victim to this virus. Now lets get into business.
Using Command Prompt We will be using command prompt for this tutorial. 1. Plug in your USB drive to start the process. Click on the start menu search for the Run and then type c…

How To Make Your PC, Laptop Run Faster Without Any Software

Sometimes we get frustrated by the way our PCs behave. These frustrations may be as a result multitasking thus running multiple programs or other activities may freeze or slow down the system.
These issues can be resolved by simply applying simple tricks without spending a penny on any expensive software. Getting stacked without any response from your PC can be very disheartening. We will be discussing some basic techniques and safe tricks to make your PC run faster. Follow the tips below to get started.
Run a Disk Cleanup Running a Disk Cleanup saves your disk space by removing and deleting temporary files, unnecessary system files, and emptying your recycling bin. 
1. Navigate to your disk that you want clean up and right-click and click on the properties.

2. Next click on the disk clean up as shown below.

3. Next check all the files you want to delete and click on the ok button as shown below.

Remove Unwanted Programs from Your Computer These unwanted software or programs slow dow…

How To Increase Internet Download Speed

We sometimes get bored by our download speeds, especially when the size of the file we are downloading is very huge. We always wonder if there is a way  to speed it up a bit. Well, there are always ways to do things no matter how complicated it seems to be. In this article we are going to cover some ways to  optimize your download speed. Now, jut follow the simple tricks below.

 Internet download manager 
 This software is very useful in speeding up your internet download. The software come with 30 days free trial version after that you can purchase it or use the backdoor to get it. When you install it integrates extension into you browser by default. Browse your favorite files you want to download and click  on it and it will automatically launch the download manager. In case of video or music, the download manager button will automatically appear.  You can  download internet download manager here
 Download your movies, music videos etc faster with ease

You can also do the same with…

How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages,Photos And Videos

We sometimes unintentionally delete relevant facebook messages, photoes or videos that we may later need. Unfortunately once we do this, we cannot recover these important stuff back but there is good news, facebook has an important feature that enables us to get our deleted messages, photos and videos back. In today's article we explain how to recover these important stuff. Now let get back to business, follow the steps below to access your deleted messages, photos, videos and all other important files.

1. First click here to get to your general account settings.
2. Locate and click on the Download a Copy of your Facebook Data as shown below.

3.Click on the start my archive on the next page as shown below.

4. Enter your facebook password and click on the submit button. 5.Check your email in a few minutes. You will see an email from facebook containing a link, click on the link to download it. 6. After downloading the file unzip it and open the folder, the Files will be in .html f…

Basic Tips On How To Prevent Facebook Account From Being Hacked

You may sometime lose control over your facebook account or get hacked and if not lucky enough you may completely lose access to your account. You may have been a victim of this attack by hackers or other malicious software that may cause damage to your account. Fortunately you can always prevent this from happening.In this article, we will be discussing some basic tips or actions to take to prevent your facebook account from being hacked.

1. Granting apps permission: You will notice that whenever you want to install facebook game or apps, you will be taken immediately to a screen showing you what the application needs before you will be allow to install this game or apps. this permission may include almost everything or even full access to your facebook account even if you are not conected. To prevent this from happening you must always take your time to fully read the details of what the permission required before granting the access.

2. Beware of spam video links: Be very carefully…

How To Watch YouTube Videos Offline On Smartphones

YouTube is a brilliant platform for people to get access to a huge amount of resources. Whether you want to listen to songs, to watch funny videos or to find useful tutorials, it is always the first choice in my opinion. However, as we all know, watching videos on YouTube requires internet connection. That’s why some people wonder if there are ways to enjoy the videos when there is no internet connection available. The good news is that google has introduced a new feature in YouTube that allows you to save and watch YouTube videos offline and is available on android and IOS devices. The feature allows YouTube users to enjoy their favorite videos when there is no usable network connection. This feature also enables YouTube users to save money on their daily, weekly or monthly data bundles.

1. First make sure the Youtube app on your android or IOS device is updated. You can check this by going to your google play store or app store
(alternatively you can re-install the app).

2. Launch …

How To Make Bootable USB Pendrive For Windows 7, 8 & 10

Installing windows by using USB pendrive is the best approach unlike CD or DVD that easily gets corrupt after a few installation. The most amazing and fascinating about the USB pendrive is that, we can erase it whenever we want and more reliable and faster than disk drives. This article explains how you can make USB pendrive bootable for installing Windows on your laptops or desktops. This article explains into details with pictures how to go about this.
Using WinToFlash to Make USB Pendrive Bootable For Windows WinToFlash is one of the best tool for making USB pendrive bootable because it provides support for various file types of windows. 1. Click here to download and install WinToFlash. 2.Launch the WinToFlash program and click on the direction of the arrow as shown below.

2.Insert your USB pendrive and click on the next button to continue

3.Select the source of your windows files, if it's in extracted form select the first option or second option if it's in ISO form and t…

How To Submit Your Website Or Blog To Search Engines

Submitting your website and getting listed in Google, Bing and other search engines is very important for your website to be indexed. Getting listed in search engines is one of the most important ways of directing targeted traffic to your website. Search engines are very important because they are rated the most trusted source of finding information. This article explains some of the ways you can submit your website to some of the search engines.
Submitting your website to google >>Click here to go to the Google submission page. You will need to login with your email account. >>Enter the URL of your website or blog to submit.
Submitting your website to Bing >>Click here to go to the Bing submission page. >>Enter the URL of your website or blog to submit.
 Hope you find today's tutorial very helpful.

How To Protect USB Pendrive With Password

Protecting or securing your USB pendrive with password is very important way of keeping others or your friends from accessing your private documents or files. Protecting your USB drive with password also secures your files when your drive gets missing or stolen. This article explains the easiest way of securing your USB pendrive with password.
BitLock Encryption Bitlock Encryption is provided by Windows to secure USB drives. This encryption is done manually without installing any software. You will be prompted to enter a password each time you insert the pendrive into a computer before you can access your files.
1. Insert your USB pendrive into a computer. 2.Right click on the inserted USB drive you want to Encrypt.

3.Locate and click on "Turn on Bitlocker" from the menu as shown below.

4. Tick the check box to choose “use a password to unlock the drive” as shown below.

5. Choose an appropriate password that you can remember and click on the next button to continue. 6. Now …

How To Increase Pendrive Speed

Pendrive serves as data storage device and for transferring data files from a computer. But in some situations due to OS error or due to some virus programs, data or files transfer speed on our USB pendrive  get limited. This article explains how to increase the speed of your USB pendrive for a faster data transfer.
Change The File System Of Pendrive Changing the file system of your pendrive is very important because FAT32 can not handle huge amount of data. 1. Insert your pendrive into your computer. 2. Right click on your pendrive and choose format option from the menu as shown below.

3. Select the NTFS file system from the drop down menu and unchecked the Quick format.

4. Click on start button

Now your file system is being changed and you will enjoy much greater data transfer speed. NB:Make sure you backup your important data files before formatting your pendrive.
Change the Device Policy 1. Insert your pendrive and right click on it. 2. Select the properties option from the drop …